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You might think that in order to get ahead of the game you’d need to pay hundreds of thousands to get the perfect commercial filmed and then displayed on television for all of the world to see, however that simply isn’t the case. In actuality you can do pretty well using a high definition or 4k camera (although 4k is unnecessary and I’ll tell you why in a moment), one or two lights to be your lighting source(s), and an idea on what you want your film to be about for the rest. You can use your own staff and yourself as the stars of your film and all that is left is a webpage you may already have set up or a youtube account that you can create in minutes if you don’t already have one.

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Moving to my point, 4k may be fancy and new but most laptops, televisions, iPads and other platforms run on an HD level. Because the expensive 4k cameras are now in competition it helps to make high definition cameras more affordable than ever and yet still promising a great quality piece for your presentation, demonstration, or whatever you are trying to create to display online at a cost affordable to you.

Now although most of the materials you can get yourself it is just as easy to hire someone who has this equipment that would be advisable to hire anyway. Most cameramen/women are adept in both video recording and lighting, not to mention they tend to carry their own supplies which will save you money if you only intend on one video in the long run. That leaves hair and make-up which can easily be taken care of. If you plan on such a film being a one time thing, making the right hires takes a lot of stress off of your back when it comes to filming. Not to mention the end result is high quality. High definition is well known for its visual appeal and the right recorder or recording team can take your film a long way.

There’s no need to waste extra money on advertising on the telly when that money is better spent solely advertising online where a link can take possible consumers and clients directly to your page to view the video first and foremost. From there you’ll get more exposure as consumers and clients can then link that page or video to their friends and family increasing your opportunities tenfold. There’s no need for large expenses for a video to make your point. All you really need is a good team, a good camera, and a grand idea to get your company out there.

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