Here are some examples of time-lapse videos we have produced for some of our clients:

Time-lapse videos are the amazing result of using advanced techniques to document things that normally can’t be seen by the human eye. Originally designed for film cameras and known as “undercranking”, time-lapse videos are carefully shot over an extended period of time. When edited and played back, they show time elapsing much faster, allowing us to see amazingly beautiful processes unfold that are normally hidden from our perception.


Production and Manufacturing Videos

For some companies, it is important to document their manufacturing processes. Investors, financial backers or stockholders may want to be informed about exactly how the company operates, and how expensive machinery and infrastructure is used. By creating a time-lapse video, companies can show investors exactly how the manufacturing process works in a way that is pleasing to view and simpler to understand. While machines are designed to perform tedious, repetitive labour, humans prefer seeing the bigger picture, a key feature offered by watching time-lapse videos.


Unique Visual Appeal

Capturing the majestic movement of the clouds or the sun gently rising over the horizon as the first golden rays strike your corporate campus or manufacturing facility in a time-lapse video can provide a uniquely appealing aspect to your corporate or advertising videos.

Using advanced equipment and computer controls, film cameras can carefully record the progress of weather and natural events, using your unique corporate headquarters or company location as the backdrop to create a very engaging time-lapse video. Many popular corporate videos begin with a voice over announcing the company’s name while a time-lapse sequence shows the corporation’s headquarters, a great way to introduce your company in a very professional way.



Using advanced software and high-powered computers, many companies are learning about the advantages of improving their security with time-lapse videos. By recording production floors, cubicle work areas or other important places in the business, time-lapse videos can be used to create a secure archive of activity on the premises. In case of future lawsuits, or the discovery of theft, fraud or other misconduct, time-lapse videos can be used to provide key evidence.

Many business owners know that storing hours of security footage is both expensive and impractical. By using advanced time-lapse video technology, enormous swathes of security footage can be safely compressed and archived. Computer software can also be applied to analyse time-lapse video records to discover or identify patterns of theft or employee misconduct.

Furthermore, time-lapse videos can be regularly recorded, set to film critical infrastructure. Small problems such as cracks or water leaks can quickly be identified by reviewing time-lapse videos, allowing business owners to resolve problems before they become worse.


Quality Control

Many manufacturers and industrial processors use time-lapse videos as a way to help improve quality control. By examining compressed footage of industrial fabricating operation, engineers can improve or fix design flaws or discover new ways to improve efficiency and productivity. Time-lapse videos can show logjams, back-ups and inefficiencies that may not be immediately visible to the human eye in real-time.


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