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Adding video segments to training sessions, events and presentations is a stroke of brilliance. Instead of merely delivering a speech, you the chance to get your point across in a highly visual manner. However, the route you take to shoot and produce your video makes all the difference.

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Don’t go it alone

To create an effective video, many people believe they can do it all alone. After all, they have access to a video camera and smart-phone with video capability. Things are sure to turn out right. Unfortunately, they couldn’t be more wrong in their assumptions. Excellence in video production is not only difficult to achieve on one’s own, but likely to look amateurish in a number of ways.

When your audience watches their favourite television show or other video programming, they are hardly aware of all the elements that go into production. Engrossed in the subject matter, viewers rarely take time to notice such things as cinematography, lighting and editing. Ironically without a team of professionals behind the camera, they would be watching something akin to a “home movie.”

One person may be able to take video footage, but not from various viewpoints simultaneously. That means taking video footage of your speaker, but none of your audience reacting to his or her inspiration remarks. Without a professional video team by your side, there are likely to be lighting issues and visual obstructions that need to be corrected before your speaker takes to the podium. How will you accomplish this purely on your own?

Video and more

Your best solution is to work with a team of well trained individuals who understand and regularly implement innovative video productions. They will advise you as to the best area of the room to place video cameras, and how many cameras are required to capture everyone at their best. Once all the video footage has been compiled, their team additionally includes editors who instinctively know how to select the best footage points to tell your story.

There are a host of other elements that can be added to your video production. These include narration and background music. If you truly want to impress your clients, incorporating original animated segments adds a note of whimsy. Screen EFX (Effects) and SFX (Special Effects) give any video production that Hollywood vibe.

Team effort

Our team of video professionals have a wide variety of skills and impressive training in a myriad of creative disciplines. We specialize in everything from video of presentations, to video for use in presentations. The team at CB Media knows how to create videos for websites, as well as for live audiences.

Before you simply pick up your phone or camera to record an upcoming event, give CB Media a call at +353877691151 or drop us an email. We would love to explore your project and make helpful suggestions. With our cutting edge ideas on your side, everything we produce has the ability to grab your audience and keep them at rapt attention.

To Learn more about Our Video Production Services please call us now on +353877691151.

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