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There’s no question that good video production is expensive work. At CB Media we keep a tight control on production quality in order to provide business clients with consistent cost projections. Every aspect of video production is labor-intensive, requiring the attention of a qualified technician. Our professionals use the latest equipment to produce videos that emphasize the quality of your brand and efficiently use the resources at hand. Leverage our expertise to keep your video costs within your project’s budget.

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What’s involved in a video production?

A video production incurs huge costs in terms of time and manpower. In addition to time spent filming the production, you’ve got to build the set and correctly light the staging area. Every person that appears on camera requires wardrobe and makeup. The project budget needs to account for equipment rental and the cost of the film crew. Once filming has finished, the post-production work begins.

The good news is that we can handle most of these issues for you. Our media team works hard to use the resources on hand in a high-quality production that proudly represents your brand. We’ve got the equipment to set up and film your video, the skills to perform post-production work quickly, and the experience to run the entire project smoothly. Excellent video makes your brand look good, and we make excellent video.

What kind of video can you make?

We focus on corporate productions and promotional videos, from impromptu press releases to elaborate music video creations. We create video that captures attention and communicates information. Our videos get your message out there.

Corporate projects involve creating a powerful presence and memorable experience. Music videos seek to express the artist’s creativity or evoke an intense emotional response. Both of these projects require a great deal of pre-production and post-production work. Your business lives and dies on the impression your video leaves with the consumers. We make sure that impression clearly communicates the values and energy of your brand.

Events and training videos seek to capture and recreate the experience of a personal presentation. It’s an efficient way of quickly getting information to a wide consumer base or ensuring consistency between training programs. These videos require less production work than complicated shoots and focus on clearly presenting information to a specific audience.

How long does video production take?

Our media team can shoot your live event and finish production within an hour of delivering the raw footage to the studio. It’s a great option for press releases or seminars that are time-sensitive. Most of the work in filming live events is done in pre-production so we can have your video ready to distribute as quickly as possible. We’re always happy to discuss more involved productions on a case-by-case basis.

CB Media strives to offer companies a cost-effective solution for producing high-quality video. Your video production represents your brand with an engaging music video or powerful corporate presentation. Recording your training seminars and live events eases communication with your market base. Let our team of media experts help you realize your video vision without breaking your video budget.

To Learn more about Our Video Production Services please call us now on +353877691151.

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