The One Video Type That Can Increase Your Sales

Hello, Cynthia here from CB Media video production agency. 

Let’s talk about the one video which is guaranteed to help your sales force increase their conversion rate. In other words, make more sales.

If you want to help your sales force increase their conversion rate, you are in the right place because this video will definitely help. 

We produced a series of client testimonial videos for one of our clients. 

You know what they did? They armed their entire sales force with those videos and those videos are now part of their sales process. Good idea. 

So how does it work? 

Every time a sales rep goes to convert a prospect into a customer, they show the video testimonials to the prospects. 

As you know in those videos, each client explains the amazing experience they had working with that particular brand. They go into details about what made the brand, you know, the experience amazing and unique and how they loved it so much. 

And so those videos really made the difference and contributed to increasing the company’s overall conversion rates performance, and thus increasing their sales.

And here is what our client had to say about this;  “ the professionalism industry knowledge and expertise CB Media provided resulted in a suite of high-quality customer testimonials. They are beyond valuable for our sales teams in converting customers”. 

The one video which is guaranteed to help your sales force increase their conversion rate is the client testimonial video. So what are you waiting for? Get those client testimonial videos ready and go get more sales. 

You know when I was managing Service delivery managers, Marketing or Operations teams for Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, HP, Dell and Xerox. You know, in my previous life before becoming an entrepreneur, one thing that made me successful was to brainstorm with the right people in the organization, in order to solve problems or come up with innovative solutions, and I want this for you, too.

So if you want to find out how we can help you improve your sales force conversion rate and sales with video, click on the link below to book your 1:1 strategy session and we’ll help you get closer to the results you want to achieve. See you there.