The One Video Type To Increase Your Sales

Hello, Cynthia here from CB Media video production agency. Let’s talk about the one video type which is guaranteed to increase your sales.

The other day, I was strategizing with one of our clients as part of their marketing plan for this year. This client looks at me straight in the eyes and says “Cynthia, we need to produce more client testimonial videos this year. It’s so important to give the opportunity to clients to tell the world why they love working with us”. 

My answer, I was like: “ Of course you should produce more client testimonials!”.

And I am talking to you too, yes you, watching this video right now! 

See, the client testimonial is the one type of video which is guaranteed to increase your sales, simply because it is social proof.

It is proof to your target market that you can actually deliver on your promises and that you offer an amazing experience to your clients. 

And to be honest, people will believe your clients: because they are real people who have actually experienced your products or services, but they probably won’t believe you! 

And we all know that people will check out  reviews or testimonials before buying a product or investing in a service. 

Don’t believe me? Check out this testimonial, would you trust the company they are talking about? 

“They’re always there with a kind of a helping hand to whatever I need.”

“They have a very professional approach and you feel like you’re getting advice that you can trust and rely on.”

“They’re a company that I would definitely recommend to friends and family.”

You know when I was managing Service delivery teams, Marketing or Operations teams for fortune 500 companies such as IBM, HP, Dell and Xerox in my previous life before becoming an entrepreneur, one thing that made me successful was to brainstorm with the right people in the organization, in order to solve problems or come up with innovative solutions, and I want this for you too.

So if you want to know how we can help your company increase sales with video, click on the link below to book your 1:1 strategy session and we’ll help you get closer to the results you want to achieve.