3 Video Tactics Used by Irish Marketing Managers to Boost Quality Sales Leads

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3 Video Tactics Used by Irish Marketing Managers to Boost Quality Sales Leads

We studied how Irish Marketing Managers use video to increase sales leads. We asked them a lot of questions as part of our annual survey on video marketing. The insights were enlightening.

Today, I will share their top three tactics to boost leads and fortify brand presence.


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Many content Marketers Feel Their Organisation Isn’t Using Video to its Full Potential

Statista conducted a survey with a group of content marketers based in the U.S. who are actively creating videos to find out what their biggest video challenges were.

Here’s the outcome of that survey:

48% said they feel their organisation wasn’t using existing videos to their full potential.

And 40% said their biggest barrier to video marketing was the lack of a budget dedicated to creating videos. 

What about you, are you tapping into the full potential of your existing videos? 

Not sure? Well, stay with me, as I’ve got some juicy tips lined up to supercharge your video content…

How to Use Existing Videos to Their Full Potential

To use existing videos to their full potential, you should consider implementing the following strategies:

1. Repurpose Content: 

Break long videos into shorter clips for social media or promotional use.

2. SEO Optimization 

   · Ensure your video titles, descriptions, and tags are optimized.

   · Add captions or subtitles to improve accessibility and searchability.

   · Embed videos on relevant blog posts and pages on your website.

3. Share Across Channels 

   · Distribute videos on various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

   · Email videos to your subscribers or include them in newsletters.

4. Paid Promotion

   · Use platforms like YouTube or Facebook to promote videos through paid ads.

   · Boost popular videos that are already getting good organic traction.

By using these strategies, you can maximize the reach, engagement, and ROI of your existing video content.

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