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Our mission is to create expansion in your life by helping you generate more quality sales leads and break through to your next revenue level.


We are a team of video producers and digital marketers who have been helping hundreds of companies grow. 

The main tools we use to make it happen are the power of video and proven digital marketing techniques.

Right now, video marketing is the most valuable thing you can do for your business to increase your market share, and grow your customer base.

What Sets Us Apart From Your Typical Video Production Agency?

Unlike most video production agencies that focus on just producing your videos, we focus on producing videos which will allow you to attract your ideal clients and boost your sales.

More importantly, we walk our talk: we are expert video marketers, with real life experience on using videos to get more clients- We know what works.

When you need us to produce your videos, we do not compromise on quality and ensure that our productions are delivered at the highest level every time.

If you need help producing your own videos with ease and learning to market them to attract your ideal clients, we teach what works, while making it simple and enjoyable for you. 

How can we help you?


If you are looking for a proven method to get more quality sales leads in your business, and break through to your next revenue level…

And if you want to establish your brand as an expert in the eyes on your ideal clients and gain a real competitive advantage…



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In order to produce videos which compel your ideal clients to buy from you, you need access to work with a video production and digital marketing team who have done it themselves.

After all, how can someone take you to a place they themselves have never been?

That’s why all our customers get to work directly with successfully video marketers who have have applied the principle and strategies we teach or implement for you.

Over the past 8 years, we have helped business owners, sales and marketing managers like you get more quality sales leads with video.

Cynthia Baloula

Managing Director & Founder

Mostly called “the Queen of Lead Generation through video”.  How did she get to be a leading video producer? It certainly wasn’t a straight line but all her experiences brought her here. After 15 years working in corporate Ireland and television production, she decided to combine her love for audiovisuals with her love for business. That’s how CB Media video production agency was born. Cynthia hasn’t looked back since. The past several years have been spent helping businesses generate more sales through video and digital marketing.

Cynthia’s favorite quote is “Feel the fear and do it anyway” – Susan Jeffers

Louise O’Neill

Project Manager

Louise has always been someone who likes to organize and plan, so project management works well for her. Her experience with project management extends to 10+ years. Her favorite part of working with CB Media is getting to meet so many new and interesting clients. In her free time Louise enjoys documentaries on many different subjects, from ancient Egypt to wildlife. She finds it fascinating to see what makes people and animals tick, from hundreds of years ago up to present day.

Louise’ favorite quote is “Today, do what others won’t so tomorrow you can accomplish what others can’t.” – Simone Biles 

Keith Healy

Video Production Coach & Video Editor

From a very young age, Keith was fascinated with the world of video and was always playing around with software to see what magic he could create. Creating something from nothing has always been the most exciting part of video production for him. In his free time, Keith enjoys playing and collecting video games and keeping up to date with the latest tech news. Keith has a passion for anything tech related. He enjoys exploring rural Ireland and discovering hidden gems around the country.

Keith’s favorite quote is “Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” by John Lennon.

Riznha Lisondra

Administrative Assistant

Riznha is a detail-oriented administrative professional who is passionate about providing proactive support and assistance to her colleagues and clients. With expertise in research, website management, social media promotion, and other adhoc tasks. Riznha is dedicated to ensuring that all systems work seamlessly.

She also loves to travel and explore new places whenever she gets the chance. Riznha’s favorite quote is “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” by Winston Churchill, which reflects her belief in the importance of persistence and perseverance in achieving one’s goals.


We have created the (Not-For-Profit)  #Stronger-Together Video Challenge, a programme for primary and secondary school students.

The programme uses creativity and storytelling to enable young people to discuss mental health and wellbeing challenges, while supporting one another, sharing experiences and having fun in a safe space.

The #Stronger Together Video Challenge is a powerful programme to build lifelong skills and support connection and resilience in youth and young adults.

Our aim is to support youth from disadvantage areas. 

The #Stronger-Together Video Challenge is designed to foster positive youth development and resilience, a trait which is needed now more than ever to help students recognise their own strengths and explore mental health in ways that are meaningful and productive to them.

The programme challenges students to learn how to produce their own professional videos by using their phone’s camera, enhance connectedness, and support each other through sharing stories of strength, while learning the skill of video production, filming and editing, which will be useful for their future careers.



“I’m a very private person, so talking about something I have struggled with to other people was scary and daunting.
This video challenge helped me open up more.
Talking through my ideas every week let other people know more about me, also allowed me to come to terms with my experiences.
Before the Video Challenge, I barely knew anything about filming and production, however I learnt a lot.
The instructions and explanations never became overwhelming.”




“My experience of the stronger together challenge was a fantastic one!

It was the first time I created and edited my own film from scratch, and I learned many things that were important to create a film like editing, lighting, quality and camera.

It was also the first video that I put out there for people to see, and this challenge helped me to overcome the fear of visibility. 

I liked hearing other peoples stories and creating my own.

Overall, it was a fun time and was easy to understand and learn, and thanks to Cynthia and Michael, any questions I had were properly answered”.



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