The Way We Give Back

Introducing the #Stronger-Together Video Challenge.

We roll out our  #Stronger-Together Video Challenge programme to primary and secondary school students in disadvantaged areas.

The programme uses creativity and storytelling to enable young people to discuss mental health and wellbeing challenges, while supporting one another, sharing experiences and having fun in a safe space.

The #Stronger Together Video Challenge is a powerful programme to build lifelong skills and support connection and resilience in youth and young adults.

The #Stronger-Together Video Challenge is designed to foster positive youth development and resilience, a trait which is needed now more than ever to help students recognise their own strengths and explore mental health in ways that are meaningful and productive to them.

The programme challenges students to learn how to produce their own professional videos by using their phone’s camera, enhance connectedness, and support each other through sharing stories of strength, while learning the skill of video production, filming and editing, which will be useful for their future careers.



“I’m a very private person, so talking about something I have struggled with to other people was scary and daunting.
This video challenge helped me open up more.
Talking through my ideas every week let other people know more about me, also allowed me to come to terms with my experiences.
Before the Video Challenge, I barely knew anything about filming and production, however I learnt a lot.
The instructions and explanations never became overwhelming.”




“My experience of the stronger together challenge was a fantastic one!

It was the first time I created and edited my own film from scratch, and I learned many things that were important to create a film like editing, lighting, quality and camera.

It was also the first video that I put out there for people to see, and this challenge helped me to overcome the fear of visibility. 

I liked hearing other peoples stories and creating my own.

Overall, it was a fun time and was easy to understand and learn, and thanks to Cynthia and Michael, any questions I had were properly answered”.