Client Spotlight: Dawn Meats Employer Branding Video

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Client Spotlight: Celebrating Achievements Together

We have been blessed to be Dawn Meats media partner for about 8 years now and we have loved every second of it.

Client profile: Dawn Meats is one of Europe’s leading food companies. They are suppliers of choice to a range of leading local, national and international supermarkets, foodservice and manufacturing businesses, who value their commitment to sustainability and quality.

Background and problem to solve: Dawn Meats aimed to showcase its vibrant workplace, underscoring their commitment to quality, innovation, and their dedicated workforce. Our video was crafted with two primary objectives:

1. Showcase Dawn Meats as a top-tier employer.

2. Spotlight their Graduate Programme, captivating the attention of potential graduate applicants.

The CB Media Approach: We enhanced Dawn Meats’ employer branding videos by incorporating lively graphics, seamless transitions, and compelling sound effects, making them both entertaining and engaging.

Watch one of Dawn Meats Employer branding videos below!

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