Client Spotlight: Diamond Electrical – Calor Client Testimonial Video

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Client Spotlight: Celebrating Achievements Together

We have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Calor spanning over seven years, cherishing every moment of this partnership.

Client profile: Calor is a leading supplier and distributor of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in Ireland. They bring gas to customers located beyond the mains gas grid so they can enjoy all the benefits of LPG to power their homes and businesses. Calor serves over 50,000 customers across residential and industrial commercial sectors.

Background and problem to solve: Recently, we joined forces with Calor to create a compelling series of client testimonial videos. The aim of those videos is to generate leads and help convert prospects into customers.

The CB Media Approach: We used thoughtfully designed questions to get the most insightful responses from interviewees. Our aim was to make the videos visually interactive, appealing, engaging and human.

Watch the example below. See the power of client testimonial videos in humanizing your brand and compelling your audience to take action.

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