Client Spotlight: O’Callaghan Collection Employer Branding Video

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Client Spotlight: Celebrating Achievements Together

We were thrilled to create an Employer Branding Video for O’Callaghan Collection.  Our aim was to showcases their incredible job opportunities and vibrant work environment. 

Client profile: O’Callaghan Collection is a prestigious hospitality group in Dublin. They are known for their luxurious hotels.

Background & problem to solve: O’Callaghan Collection wanted to attract top talent to join their team across various departments. They aimed to communicate their company’s values, career opportunities, and inclusive work culture effectively to potential recruits.

The CB Media Approach: We produced a dynamic recruitment video. We highlighted O’Callaghan Collection’s core values and career opportunities. And spotlighted the variety of roles available. 

By focusing on the company’s fundamental principles, the video is designed to attract candidates who resonate with the company’s culture and are eager to advance their careers within it.

Watch the O’Callaghan Collection’s recruitment video below!

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