How to identify the origin of your website video viewers?

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How to identify the origin of your website video viewers?

Have you ever launched a promotional campaign or recruitment campaign where you drive your ideal target market to your website to watch a video or take another action?

Have you ever wondered how to identify where those website visitors are coming from?

You can track this using UTM links. 

UTM links help in tracking marketing campaign effectiveness and analyzing website traffic. It is super easy to set up, check out the video below to learn how.

Also, you don’t need to have a video on your website for this to work for you. It works for any campaign, as long as you direct your audience to a landing page, like your website for example.

Gain A Competitive Edge: Video Insights & Trends


Did you know that mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year? You might be wondering, what implications does this have for you?

This statistic underscores the fact that many individuals watch videos on their mobile devices without sound. So adding subtitles is important.

Including subtitles in videos offers several benefits, both from accessibility and engagement perspectives. In noisy areas or quiet places where sound can’t be played, subtitles ensure the content is still accessible.

Incorporating subtitles, makes content more inclusive. It also extend its reach and impact, making it a valuable addition to any video.

Video Production Secrets: What Sets Successful Shoots Apart from the Rest

The presence of a Director is what distinguishes successful shoots from the rest.

This is why, at CB Media, we prioritize having a director for every shoot. The presence (or absence) of a director can profoundly influence the quality of your video.

Directors bring a project’s vision to life, ensuring compelling visuals align with the intended message. They make swift decisions, uphold high production standards, and anticipate post-production requirements.

Essentially, their involvement dramatically elevates the outcome’s quality and consistency of your production.

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