3 HR Video Communication Secrets Stolen From “The Psychology of Money” -Morgan Housel’s Book


Three HR Video Communication Secret stolen from the “Psychology of Money,” a book by Morgan Housel. 


Hi, this is Cynthia, from CB Media. I read Morgan Housel’s book: “The Psychology of Money” recently. 


And the book gave me great ideas for improving HR video communications.

This book, which I really enjoyed, is about money. But, its lessons are also useful for improving Employee Engagement through effective video communication.
So here are the 3 HR video strategy secrets inspired by the book:

Storytelling in HR. Morgan Housel shows how storytelling makes complex concepts and ideas easy to understand. For HR, this means making videos with stories to really connect with our team. 

Using real-life stories instead of just facts helps us relate better to our employees.
Clarity and Simplicity. Just as the book demystifies financial concepts, our HR videos should aim for clarity and simplicity. 
When communicating policies, benefits, or company values, use simple language. 
Avoid using jargon and choose clear and easy-to-understand messaging. Clear communication is crucial in ensuring that your messages resonate with all employees.
Long-Term Vision in Messaging. The book emphasizes long-term thinking in financial planning. 
Similarly, our video content should be crafted with a long-term perspective. This approach helps create a stable and lasting story for your company’s brand.
Your videos should aim to establish a lasting connection with your employees. 
This connection should foster trust and support long-term engagement and loyalty.
Using these methods in your videos can make them more effective and memorable.
Try to incorporate these insights into your next HR communication initiatives and let me know how they work for you.
If you have any queries or need guidance on refining your HR video content, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to help.
Have a Wonderful day!