Client Spotlight: CheckedOK by  CoreRFID – Explainer Video


Checking lifting equipment needs to be extensive and rigorous for safety, for business success, and to comply with statutory legislation.


That means it can be extremely time consuming and stressful. But with CheckedOK Software from the CoreRFID Group, you don’t need to worry about errors, delays, and wasting resources associated with a manual or unsuitable system.


CheckedOK is used globally and is recognized as the market leader supporting small and large businesses to reduce the time variability and potential for error of checking, lifting equipment, eliminating paperwork, and automating many of the administration processes.


The software can be branded for each individual company, for example, with your own logos to reflect that isn’t a generic system. It appears as if it is your own system.


CheckedOK is particularly noted for its unique flexibility, enabling it to be configured to individual working practices without the need for programming. CheckedOK holds a detailed record of assets such as cranes lifting equipment, chains and hoists.


The records intuitively show information about assets including safety inspections and service history, which includes servicing, repairs and safety status. Whether an asset is available or is awaiting repair, or is condemned or ready to be scrapped.


It is configurable for all types of assets and inspection and work programs. Instead of endless forms, incomplete records and the potential for work to be repeated, engineers use an app where they can retrieve accurate and up-to-date information about assets, status and history. They can easily record the work that they’ve carried out, meaning clients and staff have real-time asset information available to them at all times.


This information is then transmitted to a highly secure data center, which produces safety certificates or default notices, depending on the condition of the asset. 


Up to date information can then be accessed by the customer or their clients using a standard internet browser, so there’s no additional equipment to buy or training required, as well as providing the information required to keep assets operating safely.


CoreRFID’s expertise in auto identification is a particularly standout feature. It enables fast and accurate identification of assets through radio frequency identification and QR codes, which ensures that the information required can be retrieved quickly and easily rather than having to search for and enter serial numbers. 


We also provide a complete support service to assist you in implementing the system and training users with full access to our help desk, if you need to log a request for assistance.


At CoreRFID group, we are known for the quality of our products and the excellence of our support services. 


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