Client Spotlight:  Expleo’s Employee Testimonial Video


My name’s Ciara Carnegie and my role is Senior BA with Expleo. I joined Expleo in 2019. I had seen Expleo through Linkedin and various LinkedIn posts, and then I was looking for various opportunities and I had seen that a recruitment agency were actually advertising a role with Expleo.


I submitted with CV and was asked for an interview and it just went from there. And probably, one of the best things and moves that I’d done, and I’ve been happy here ever since. My day to day role consists of business analysis and product ownership. So I work for a very large insurance company and my day to day can vary.


We work in an agile approach, so it’s all to do with scrum ceremonies. So we have our daily standoff, we have sprint planning, we have backlog refinement, and we have retros. All in all, it’s a really busy time, but it’s a great team to work with.


I feel like Expleo is, and it sounds cliché, but it is a great place to work. We are a very niche company within the market. I think we cater for engineering, but we also cater for the consultancy side. And I think there’s something for everyone here. We have various different clubs within Expleo. I’m part of the brand ambassador teams. It can be exciting and you meet so many different people from all over the globe. It is such a community. 


People tend to raise each other up. We have various paths to career progress. We have a great cure package and benefit system.


I think it’s the only company I know that provide birthday hampers when it’s your birthday. So things like that would really appeal to people. You are a person within the company. You’re not just a number.