Client Spotlight:  M&N Civil Engineering Ltd. Anniversary Video


I was a young lad. It was always about machinery for me. Like if there was a machine working nearby anywhere, I’d be overlooking at it and watching it. And I always said to myself, I’d love to own one of these someday. And 2004, I just said I’m going to go for this and see what happens. And once we got the first job, it just went from there. 


Everyone has a part to play and everyone knows that they’re part of something special. We embrace technology. We have highly skilled engineers within the business, highly skilled staff. We have regular training, upgrade and upscaling across the business. In most recent times there, we’ve completed a lot of social housing projects in Dublin inner city. 


And you know obviously with the way the house needs are at the moment. It is nice to know that M&N has played its part in delivering those key homes for people. 


I most like working with M&N just having the crack with the boys every day. They’re very welcoming and make me feel comfortable. 


I love the opportunities meeting new people, different sites and the variety that comes with it. Our employees are the heartbeat of the organization. Their dedication and hard work have been the driving force behind our success as we move forward. I want each member of M&N family to feel just a part of something great, an integral force shaping our future.