Client Spotlight:  Sales Virtual Promotional Video


As the owner or commercial leader in a successful SMB. You’ve brought the business this far, but you also know there’s huge scope to increase its value and realise its true potential. You need to finish the job.¬†


You have a great team, the market and the product. But one of the biggest gaps that will hold back the growth you need is execution capability and specifically sales execution. That’s where we come in. We act as your outside operating partner to help you build the weekly sales execution capability needed to grow the company.¬†


We’re your stay on track insurance policy. Starting with the sales architecture audit, we put in a system of weekly sales governance that gave senior management early warning of risk to revenue and risk to growth. We equip your sales team through light customised playbooks, individual go to market plans and content and tools.¬†


We use our Manager Desk app in the background to align individual seller activities to company goals. This investment in sales execution capability and internal messaging will add more measurable value to your business than any other initiative. 


We have a unique background to help you, not just working with thousands of B2B firms, but diagnosing tens of thousands of live sales pipelines and forecasts. We know how to find what needs to be fixed week on week and to teach a salesperson how to identify risk to their target in time to recover in the month and quarter. 


We work with the team and activate what the business is already good at. Without having to reinvent strategy, each salesperson will have clear month and quarter improvement milestones. One of the big points of focus is ensuring that weekly opportunity creation is relentless. The biggest driver of growth and value in most B2B firms. 


We will also turn the weekly sales meeting into a powerful continuous improvement tool. Our operating partner model is designed to help you do five years growth in three years by turning weekly sales execution into your most reliable guarantor of growth. Reach out to us at today. Take our sales architecture audit, at to identify critical execution capability gaps.