Client Spotlight: Wellington Eye Clinic’s Patient Testimonial Videos


Today is just my consultation.


Basically, seeing that I’m eligible for laser eye surgery and then also which type will actually be suitable for me as well.


So I’m a little nervous, but I’ve kind of looked through everything and I’ve had great chats with Dr. Cummings, so I think it will be fine.


For surfing, I wanted to get rid of contact lenses.


I can’t wear them in the water. It means that when I’m in the water, I guess I’m a little bit in danger almost because I can’t really see the waves coming in.


And then, I can’t see other surfers in the water as well.


So it’s kind of good to be able to recognize people.


So, I’ve just had the surgery I couldn’t believe how quick it was and I actually chose not to take and anything to calm me down before, I guess, I was already quite at ease just by talking to Dr. Cummings and the nurses.


So I think that was kind of nice then to be fully aware of what was going on all the time.


And they did give me a little stress ball so if I got a little bit nervous, I could squeeze that.


So that was good. I think the actual time of the laser  being on was 6 seconds.


I think before I was worried that if I move my eyes around and stuff and they reassured me anyway that everything is under control the whole time.


So there just no reason to be worried.


So now, the rest of the day, we’ll be eating snacks and probably listening to audio books because I am meant to sleep for a little while and stuff as well, just to give the eyes a bit of a break.


I am here in the Wellington Eye Clinic for my consultation, so kind of checking how my eyes are doing and just checking in to see their health and how I’m getting on. 


It’s been so good. My eyes are great. They’ve healed really quickly as well.


I’m noticing a massive difference kind of mostly for driving for sports, especially at night time.


That’s a huge one as well. So that’s really cool. It’s made a massive difference surfing.


I can see the other people in the water.


I can see the view for the first time like I used to just focus on the waves and now it’s like those cliffs are really nice.


I’m so happy I came to the Wellington Clinic. It was brilliant.