Dawn Meats Employer Branding Video


Dawn Meats is a really fast paced company. We’re really passionate about what we do and there’s a load of opportunities within the business. 


I would describe Dawn Meats as challenging, fast paced and fun. No two days are the same.


It really is a great place to work if you’re willing to work hard. Every day you come in, it’s something new, a problem to solve, some opportunity to go into.


It is a challenging, fast-paced environment and there are so many opportunities. 


I’ve been through a lot of avenues. Firstly, through planning here on the Granite Site through, then branched off into sales into the International North American team. 


And then, I’ve been kind of building on that ever since. 


Recently, I’ve gone to Chicago with the North American team. We went to a conference for four days, so it was very good.


In the past two years, I’ve had the chance to travel to different countries for whether it was for a trade show or was meeting the overseas office or different clients. 


I have been to Belgium, I’ve been to France, and I’ve also been to Italy. And as well, I went to the Netherlands. 


I was completing my primary training in Grannagh when a vacancy came up in Carroll’s Cross.


As a graduate, it was great. It was a great opportunity to get.


I’m not from a farming background. People may think that it’s only farmers who can work here, but it’s not, that’s not the case.


I was thrown in the deep end and actually given real responsibilities and put in a position where I had to make decisions.


It was very reassuring as a graduate to be given so much responsibility at an early stage in your career. 


Every day is different. The role is quite diverse. I’ve done many different courses while I’ve work with Dawn Meats.


One of them was lean Management.


We just learned how to run a business more efficiently from production line to running an office. Another course I did was a Young Managers Course.


So you learn a lot about yourself as a manager and how you work with people.


When I started with Dawn Meats as a graduate, it was just, it was enjoyable for me.


 It was an area I wanted to learn more about. The people were always really nice and really good to show you different parts of the business.


And every day I came into work, I was just looking to learn more about the business.


It was just a connection I had with it and it was just a passion that I had for farming and for food as well.


It just really married well together.


If you’re in to take on responsibility and you are able to integrate into the business and the team really quickly. There are absolutely loads of opportunities.


Working with Dawn Meats for 14 years, always had good opportunity to move within the factory and even between countries.


So there’s always good opportunities to progress and have a change of role.


We look after all the new product launches that will happen for all the fresh retailers, any of the customers that we have.


We do seasonal launches, we do summer launches, things like that. 


Dawn Meats is a great place to work because it’s so inclusive that no matter what role you’re in, you’ll always be a part of a team, a part of a family.


Everyone will always be there to help you.