How to Create Great HR Videos Quickly


How to create great HR videos quickly. Time saving strategies for busy managers. 


Hi, this is Cynthia from CB Media. A question I get asked a lot by HR Managers is How do I create HR Videos quickly?. This question is very important because many HR teams stop making videos when they see how much time it takes to plan, write, and make sure that the video fits the company’s message and the audience they want to reach. And if you film and edit your videos in house, it adds another layer of complexity to the process. 


This can be challenging in a busy HR world where content needs to be made and shared quickly to communicate with employees. Facing this situation can often be discouraging. You know, seeing a long list of tasks and realizing that it doesn’t fit into your already very busy schedule can make you feel overwhelmed and consider quitting the project. 


Fortunately, there are some easy strategies you can use to deal with the time consuming process of making videos in a fast paced HR environment. 


Strategy One, Outsource. Outsourcing parts of the video production or the entire process to specialized agencies or freelancers can save you time, especially for task requiring specific expertise. And you know, a full service video production agency like us at CB Media can take care of everything from the idea to the final product, which really cuts down on your workloads. 


Strategy two, batch produce. Producing multiple videos at once or in quick succession is efficient. It’s maximizes resource utilization and streamlines the production process. 


Strategy three, adhere to strict scheduling and time management, implement clear deadlines and ensure all team members are there to those deadlines. This structured approach keeps the production phase on track and avoid delays. 


Strategy four, adopt and Agile approach. Be flexible. Being flexible allows you to handle sudden changes in the schedule without disrupting the entire process. By employing these strategies, you can create high quality HR videos efficiently, and the goal is find a balance that suits your team without compromising the quality of your video. 


Do you have any questions about creating great HR videos quickly? If so, ask away. I’m here to help. Have a wonderful day.