How to Measure Purchases Driven By Your Videos


Unravelling video ROI: Return On Investment.


How to track how many purchases your videos drive.


Hi, this is Cynthia from CB Media Video Production. 


Have you ever experienced this?


You are running this video campaign and people are buying. Yes! They are buying and you are happy.


You are getting all those sales from those amazing videos you pushed out into the world and on social media, you put the data together to report on the success of your video campaign.


But you actually can’t link the leads and sales to the video campaign. 


No! Don’t worry. I have a solution.


If you’re running a video campaign, tracking purchases generated by that video campaign is crucial.


But how to link those leads and sales to your video campaign.


Today, I’ll show you how to track purchases resulting from a video both online and offline.


Let’s start with Offline tracking. Offline tracking can be challenging, but consider these approaches:


-Unique coupon codes. In your videos, why don’t you provide unique codes to your viewers to use when calling to benefit from a promotion for example. Tracking the usage of coupon codes would give you a direct link to sales. 


-Phone tracking. Includes a dedicated number in the video and associating incoming calls with the video. 


-Custom landing pages or URLs. Create a unique landing page or URL for the video. Monitoring traffic or conversions on these pages helps you track purchases. 


-Surveys. Why don’t you add a survey in the purchasing process or conduct customer interviews asking about videos watched before purchasing? 


So those are a few suggestions for offline tracking to link your videos with sales generated by those videos. 


Online tracking involves the following steps and is a bit easier.


-Set up an analytics platform like Google Analytics to track events.


Enable eCommerce tracking, for example, configure settings and add the necessary tracking codes to your website.


Then, set up conversion goals. Define the conversion goals specifically for purchases from the video. 


Assign a unique identifier as well. 


-Use a custom parameter such as UTM content, so a UTM link, in the URL to identify purchases tied to the video. 


And very important analyse the data:


Monitor your platform to analyse purchases from the video, reviewing conversion reports, total revenue and other metrics associated with the video specific conversion goal.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


I’m here to help.


Have a wonderful day!