I Wish I’d Known These  HR Video Secrets When I Started Working With HR Managers


I wish I’d known this HR video secret when I started working with HR Managers. Hi, this is Cynthia from CB Media. 


As an HR Manager, you can enhance employee engagement strategies by understanding effective communication. One aspect of this is video marketing which is important to understand.


When I started my journey with CB Media video production agency over nine years ago. I quickly realized the potential of video in marketing. I also discovered the value in internal communications and employee engagement. 


Over the years, I’ve gathered insights that are particularly valuable for HR professionals looking to leverage video content for internal purposes. 


Lesson 1. Understanding the power of data-driven decision making. Initially, I relied on intuition and industry trends overlooking the importance of data. For HR, this translates into understanding your workforce through surveys, for example, feedback and engagement metrics tools like internal analytics platforms can provide invaluable insight into what content engages your employees and this will help you tailor your communication strategies effectively. 


Lesson 2. The importance of A/B testing. I’ve realized the importance of Habe testing. Don’t just roll out an initiative and hope for the best. Experiment with different formats and styles in your internal videos to see what resonates best with your team. This approach can lead to a higher engagement and more effective internal communication campaigns. 


Lesson 3. Never underestimate the power of a well-told story. This is especially true in HR, where connecting with employees on an emotional level can significantly impact engagement and morale,  combining data driven strategies with compelling narratives in your videos can transform your internal communication efforts. 


Lesson 4. Incorporate Calls to Action. Every video should have a clear purpose, whether it’s encouraging team feedback, promoting a company initiatives, or boosting morale. A well-defined call to action ensures that your message is not just heard,  but is also acted upon.


In conclusion, my journey has taught me that data-driven decision making is crucial. Power storytelling is also crucial in creating impactful video content, and this balance is actually a marketing principle, but it is also a fundamental aspect  of effective HR communication. 


I hope this insight help you in your role as an HR Manager. And if you have any questions at all about implementing these strategies in your employee engagement efforts, feel free to reach out. I’m here to help. Have a wonderful day.