The Rise Of Video In Employee Training


The rise of video in employee training, save cost, and increase engagement. Hi, this is Cynthia from CB Media. The way we approach employee training is evolving rapidly. 


One of the most significant trends we are observing is the rise of video in employee training programs. Let’s dive into why this medium is becoming increasingly popular and how it can benefit your organization advantage. 


Advantage 1. Engaging and Accessible Learning. Video has proven to be an exceptionally engaging format, unlike text based materials, video grabs learners attention with visuals and sound.  These resources can be accessed anywhere at any time, which is convenient for busy employees. They fit perfectly into modern schedules. 


Advantage 2. Cost-Effective and Scalable Solutions. Implementing video training can be highly cost effective. The videos can be used repeatedly after they are created, and this eliminates the need for constant retraining sessions. So basically saving you or your training managers a lot of time and energy. 


Advantage 3. They can easily scale to accommodate Fewer employees, but they can also scale to accommodate an entire global workforce. Scaling does not incur extra expenses because you’re using the same videos over and over again. 


Advantage 4. Enhanced  Retention and Understanding. Studies show that people retain information better when presented visually. Videos simplify complex concepts through demonstrations, animations and expert interviews that enhance overall comprehension and retention. They can pause, rewind and rewatch segments as needed.


The aspect of personalisation caters to individual learning styles, but it also caters to individual learning paces. This is not always possible in traditional training settings as we embraces remote and hybrid work models, video in employee training will become even more relevant. It offers a flexible, engaging, and cost-effective solution for continuous learning and development. 


I encourage you to explore the potential of training video within your organization. If you have any questions on this subject, ask away. I’m here to help. Have a wonderful day.