Two Video Styles To Supercharge Your Marketing


Employee Advocacy Videos: A powerful tool for branding and attracting talent. Hi, this is Cynthia from CB Media Video production. 


Some of our clients swear by employee advocacy videos because it works for them. It really enables them to attract A players into their company. But why are employee advocacy videos so powerful? Employee advocacy videos are a powerful tool for branding and attracting talent for several reasons. 


First, because of authenticity, people tend to trust employees more than CEOs or marketing departments. Employee advocacy videos provide an authentic¬† behind the scenes view of what it’s like to work at your organization. This builds trust in your brand and makes it more attractive to potential employees.¬†


So then you have, Social Proof: Employees sharing their positive experiences and testimonials can provide compelling social proof. It can show potential clients or employees that your organisation values its staff and has a supportive, positive work environment. Then you’ve got the, Increased Reach: Your employees collectively have a much larger social media presence than your brand alone. By sharing videos on their own network, your employees can significantly extend your content’s reach.¬†Boosting Employer Brands: Employee advocacy videos can help to create a positive employer brand. Seeing real employees discuss their experience can make potential applicants more excited about the prospect of working for your company.¬†


Here’s an example of an employee advocacy video we produced for one of our clients.¬†


“We are a very niche company within the market. I think we cater for engineering, but we also cater for the consultancy side and I think there’s something for everyone here. We have different clubs within Expleo, I’m part of the brand ambassador team. It can be exciting and you meet so many different people from all over the globe. It is such a community. People tend to raise each other up. We have various paths to career progress. We have a great care package and benefit system. I think it’s the only company I know that provides birthday hampers when it’s your birthday, so things like that would really appeal to people. You are a person within the company.¬†You’re not just a number.”


What do you think? So basically, employee advocacy videos, leverage, trust, authenticity, and unique perspectives of your team to promote your brand  and attract top talent that can provide a real, tangible sense of what your organisation culture is like, making them highly effective for both branding and recruitment purposes. 


If you have any questions about employee advocacy videos, to attract talent, feel free to ask. I’m here to help. Have a wonderful day.¬†