Our Schools mental health programme

#Stronger-Together Video Challenge

Fostering positive youth development and resilience are needed now more than ever to help students recognize their
own strengths and explore mental health in ways that are meaningful and productive to them. The CB Media Team
worked with schools to bring the #Stronger Together Video Challenge to secondary schools.
The program engaged students to learn how to produce their own professional videos, enhance connectedness, help
students learn a life-long skill, and support each other through sharing stories of strength. This document outlines the
programme’s content, impact and outcomes. To learn more contact Cynthia@cbmedia.ie

“We can get through anything when we work together, because we are strong!”

Video Challenge Overview & Goals

Video ChallengeOverview:

  • Over 8 sessions (of 1 hour each) the students work with expert
    video producer Cynthia Baloula over Zoom, and are trained in
    creating their own professional-looking video telling their
    stories of strength and resilience and discussing mental
  • Students have the opportunity to share their stories with each
    other, see that they all have something in common, and form
    connections through an activity they love to do

Format & Required Equipment

Video Challenge Format:

Each Video Challenge is made of 8 sessions. Students are given
live instruction and a task to be completed during the live
session, with the support of the video producer and facilitator
Cynthia Baloula as well as CB Media designated school liaison
person Louise O’Neill.

Video Challenge Overview and Goals

  • Create engaging connections among students
  • Use creativity and storytelling to enable students to discuss
    mental health and well-being challenges, support one another,
    have fun, discuss things they love doing, talk about experiences
    in a safe space and join friends in a dynamic, learning

Required Equipment For Students Participating To The Challenge:

  • A laptop or a desktop to attend the live classes
  • A laptop that has a camera, a computer with a webcam or a
    smartphone that has a camera to film the video
  • An internet Connection

Video Challenge Outcomes

  • The Video Challenge has been implemented in schools in the US
    with significant impact and outcomes:
  • 76% of students reported they increased their understanding and
    knowledge of storytelling, learning the importance of sharing their
    story by reflecting on their strengths, resilience, and messages of
    hope to friends, family, and the community.
  • 85% of students reported they increased their knowledge of
    video production, filming and editing.

Eligibility Criteria

The Video Challenge is open to all secondary school students from
14 to 17 years old (a participation form will have to be signed by
the students’ parents or guardians).

Start Dates and Times

  • A video challenge during academic time schedule: the exact dates
    and times will be agreed with the school.
  • An after school times Video Challenge, comprising an hour session
    every week for 8 weeks at a recurring day and time agreed with the