Produce your own videos – We help you do it

Learn how to create professional looking videos with ease with just your phone and computer, and how to promote those videos online to attract your ideal clients… Even if you’ve never produced a video before and if you are not technical.

The Profitable Video Framework coaching programme is 2 half day workshop (delivered live on Zoom) that takes you from zero to successfully producing professional looking videos and attracting your ideal clients, with fun and ease. It is a highly interactive training: participants do the work as they are learning the
concepts and new skills. 

Please note that this coaching workshop can be delivered in a group setting as well as 1 to 1, depending on your requirements.

Who it’s for

The Profitable Videos Framework workshop is for business owners, sales/marketing managers and their teams who want to produce affordable
professional looking videos for their business on their phone or laptop with ease.

The Profitable Videos Framework will give participants the confidence and the know-how to produce professional looking videos that will increase their sales.

The aim of the programme is to demonstrate to participants that the process of making a promotional video for their business is not too technical or too complicated and to give them the confidence and the know-how to produce professionally looking videos that will increase their sales.

What it helps them achieve

By the end of the Profitable Videos Framework workshop, you will: 

  •  Have filmed, edited and promoted (online) 1 video.
  • Know how to use your phone and your laptop to produce great sales videos for next to nothing.
  • Know how to create content that will keep your audience watching, liking and sharing your videos.
  •  Have become skilled in editing your videos, adding captions, graphics and slides with ease.

How the Profitable Videos Framework coaching workshop will benefit your team

The Profitable Videos Framework will give your team the confidence and the know-how to produce professional looking videos that will increase their sales.
So they can stop…

  • Procrastinating and feeling afraid of making the videos they know will help
    them engage with their audience and generate more leads.
  • Feeling like they have nothing to say or not knowing what to say on camera.
  • Being afraid to be visible and share their gifts with their audience.
  • Worrying what they look like on video.
  • Thinking that they are not technical enough to be able to pull this off.

They will know how to create content that will keep their audience watching, liking and sharing their videos.

Through the Profitable Videos Framework, our coach, will hold their hand through the video production process as well as with their video marketing strategies, so that they can start attracting more customers.

But the Profitable Videos Framework workshop does not stop there… It provides participants with the mindset coaching to overcome any fear and doubts that have stopped them from producing their own videos until now.

They will finally take the actions they need to take to produce their videos successfully and use them to attract more clients.

What participants are saying

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your expertise and guidance over the duration of the course. I have been to many virtual training sessions over the past two years and yours has definitely been the best and most engaging! Thank you”.
Oisin Collins
MSL (Member of Society of the Irish Motor Industry Skillnet)
“Cynthia is a real expert in her area and delivers the workshop in an extremely engaging and manageable way. The whole workshop was a big learning experience for me from getting over imposter syndrome, and actually filming and editing the video. It’s great to know that we can film such professional videos with the equipment that we have. It opens up a world of Bluestone being able to share valuable and engaging content, quickly and professionally. Cynthia cares about what she does and helps to motivate others, particularly participants who have reservations about creating video. In addition to her insider knowledge, it makes for an extremely beneficial and interesting workshop. I’d like to say a huge thank you to Cynthia for providing such a fabulous workshop to our team at Bluestone” Stacey O’Connor Head of Marketing, Bluestone Motor Finance
Stacey O’Connor
Head of Marketing, Bluestone Motor Finance

Elaine Kelly wanted to attract better quality leads, and she succeeded!

Shelley Hutchinson used our “We help you do it” program to increase her brand awareness and to take her business to the next level.

Kim Williams loved that she had everything she needed to get started. She didn’t need a huge budget and fancy equipment.

How it works

The Profitable Videos Framework gives you everything you need to achieve this transformation:

The Profitable Videos Framework –
Coaching Program in Detail

Outcome: your team will learn our PROVEN 6 step system which will enable them to successfully produce their own professional looking
videos with ease, and quickly. They will also learn how to promote those videos online in order to
attract their ideal clients.

01 - Set your content standards to protect your brand [This will be created
and delivered by CB Media]

This is the essential step to protect your brand. Based on your brand  guidelines and recommendations, we will create the look and feel you want for your video and lock it into a template.

02 - Create your video profits blueprint

In this section, we set the foundations on how to create video content that generate leads and convert prospects into customers. This blueprint is the critical ingredient to quickly making videos that sell, without spending an entire day on it.

03 - Breakthrough the Imposter Syndrome and the fear of being on camera

The secret for being confident in front of the camera is about mindset. You will learn how to overcome mindset issues such as imposter syndrome and the fear of visibility, that might be holding you back.

04 - Master your professional filming skills with your smartphone

You will learn insider secrets on how to film yourself like a pro by just using your smartphone or your computer’s camera.

05 - Edit your videos with ease

The editing phase of the production process is where the magic happens. We will teach you simple editing techniques to make your videos look more amazing
and more professional.

06 - Attract your ideal clients by using easy digital marketing strategies

You will learn how to get your message out to your ideal clients, and which platform is right for your business. You will learn juicy strategies to position and market your videos.

How to get started

If you are a business owner, sales or marketing manager and you are interested in empowering your teams to produce their own professional looking videos with ease and successfully promoting them online to attract their ideal clients…


Your Success is our Passion.

Nicola was making videos, but wanted to learn how to make them more professional.

Glenda was afraid  but able to boost her business and reach more people she could help.

Sherry was looking for a way to get more clients and to market herself efficiently.

Being invisible used to  be Roy’s go-to state, but now feels comfortable marketing his business!

Cliona couldn’t believe how easy it was to make professional looking videos &  confidence to put them online.

Debra is excited to reach larger target markets with her videos.

Elizabeth wanted to overcome the fear of judgement and create her YouTube channel

Tori didn’t know where to start in creating professional videos for her business, but now has the confidence! 

Alanna can now produce far more videos faster and at a higher quality than before taking the program.

No matter where you are in the world, we can help you get more sales with video. Get in touch!


Your Success is our Passion.